Our thermal socks are made to be your first line of defence in your winter wardrobe. Made from quality sourced Merino Wool the THUG sock is our thickest and warmest sock of the 2019 collection.

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The THUG Sock - Merino Wool

  • Zeffz socks are focused on QUALITY, DESIGN & AFFORDABILITY

    Dynamic high performance materials have become the benchmark of Zeffz socks.

    The latest premium performance fibre technologies allow Zeffz to create that magic blend that distinguishes itself from the highest of today’s modern brands.

    Technologies derived from the high-end sporting and fashion world allow Zeffz to create collections that perform in real time whether you are racing to win the Tour de France or simply rolling down the road to grab a coffee.


    Stretch & Recovery is a key element of Zeffz which refers to the extent to which the fibre returns to its original shape after being stretched to its maximum.