Frequently asked questions

Where is Zeffz from?

Zeffz is a Melbourne based brand which started in 2016

Do you have a store

No,our products are only availble online via this website

Why are your socks so much cheaper than other brands?

Zeffz is about creating the best socks at the best price and we truely believe that majority of socks out there are well and truely overpriced and we wanted to make socks that everyone could afford to wear. The lack of premium price takes nothing away from the premium quality of our socks and we pride ourselves on our quality and price tag. Sure like any other brand we could charge more! but we would prefer to see more people riding in as many styles as possible without breaking the bank.

How much is shipping?

We ship all orders at a flat rate of $9 or you can choose Express Shipping for $12 or you can choose sign on delivery for $11 FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $40 ( Australia only) All orders come with tracking. We personally pack every order from our Melbourne based studio. International order shipping will be calculated at the shipping cart.

Do you do custom socks?

No, we don't do custom socks.

Do you sponsor?

No, we don't offer sponsorships......but we do have ambassadors for our brand and if you want to be an ambassador this is what you have to do: 1, Already be a customer of the brand (meaning you need to actually wear our brand and love our socks) 2, Post everyday on social media pages with the socks and #'s 3, Be patient....it takes a while to become an ambassador and the more effort you put in the more you get back.